Our Production Expertise

We have set up a sophisticated production unit to meet the mountainous demands of customers. In this unit, all the products are made using both the deg-bhapka system and modern technologies. This unit has all the required machines and equipment that are essential for the whole distillation process. We use fine quality ingredients such as, Sandal wood oil, Gulab, clove, Kewra, Bela, saffron, Mehndi, Kadam, etc. to formulate our products. All these raw materials are procured only from the best and authorized sources. Each process, which takes place in this unit, is executed efficiently in conformance to the industrial guidelines. Adoption of safe & hygienic production processes are our hallmarks. It is due to our systematic production processes, we are capable of manufacturing fine quality products such as, Rose Water, Natural Rose Water, Kewra Water, Shamama Attar, Motia Attar, Mouth Freshener Fragrance, Nagarmotha Oil, etc.

Our Products

We are manufacturing, supplying and exporting:
  • Natural Attars
    • Kewra Attar
    • Mehndi Attar
    • Mitti Attar
    • Motia Attar
    • Rose Attar
    • Shamama Attar
  • Natural Fragrances
    • Gutkha Fragrances
    • Pan Masala Fragrance
    • Mouth Freshener Fragrance
  • Kewra Water
  • Rose Water, Natural Rose Water 
  • Nagarmotha Oil
Packaging and Delivery

We have our own department of packaging and delivery where all the finished products are packaged and supplied on a daily basis. Our employees use the best quality packaging materials, boxes and cartons in order to make safe deliveries of clients' orders. Our products are available in beautiful and different packaging sizes. Not only this, we also provide custom made packaging solutions. Clients can get their choice of packaging designs, which are designed by our creative employees as per client's specific requirement. Moreover, our association with renowned logistics companies enables us to make prompt deliveries. We leave no room for any delay and provide the products to clients within their requested time period.

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